Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Style 83


WORLDWIDE TOUR of the gemstones, precious stones and crystals minerals
used to make *Dragon de Lumiere* an exceptional and wonderful creation..

*AMETHYST : violet gem extracted from the hight hills of Tanzania
(Africa East Coast)

*LA BILLIETITE : a yellow shining crystal from Shinkolobwe (China)

*EMERALD : a stunning green and translucent gem belonging to the Beryl species. discovered in Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India) and from Kagem Kafubu, Ndola (Zambia)

* LA FRANCEVILLITE : a fire-orange glowing stone from Mouana d'Ogooué (Gabon)
*RUBY : dark red gemstone, one of the 4 precious ones from the Massaï Country (Kenya) and mixred with rubies from Dattaw-Mogok mines (Burma)

* SAPPHIRE Blue one of the 4 official precious gemstone, considered as the gem of the Gods and Kings, a sacred one since it is believed Moses received from God a Spphire stone plate to engrave the 10 Commandments on it.
Growing in Zazafotsy Quarry azafotsy Commune of Ihosy District Mines.
Horombe Region, Fianarantsoa Province. (Madagascar). !! Unbelievable but true !

*PINK SAPPHIRE : shinig like a rainbow, comng out in a wide range of pink tones , the pink sapphire is a very rare and exclusive precious gemstone , one of the most expensive to acquire after the diamond. Gamesh Mines, Himalya (Nepal)

We will never tell enough how much Nature can be amazing when it takes the appearance of a creative and imaginative artistic painter or sculpter.
Eden Galaxy invits you to share with her this world of natural Beauty , a dream come true :-)

P.S. Above text original by Eden Galaxy

Hair:*Plume* - Amor/Umber

Jewelry Set:DRAGON DE LUMIERE- Eden Galaxy - New!!!!!!!!

Gown:Natasha Red- STYLES By The Gotters- Eddie and Sofia-Coming soon!

Pumps:Maitreya Group Gift Pumps

Model/Photography: Sofia Vectoscope

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