Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Style 51

HUD & fingernails ( All include)

This Box Contain :

~~~ 2 HUD scripted (very low lag ) and very easy to use ~~~

- 1 Hud with a set of 10 Full nail Polish + 1 Hud with a set of 10 french manicure

With this HUD you can control your nail on your hand :

*Set one of the 10 polish Texture available per hud ( 10 full / 10 french manicure polish ) by clicking on the nails*

*Set the Color of the 4 rings by clicking the color panel*

*Rez or derez the gems on the ring By clicking on the ring*

*Rez or derez the rings by clinking on the ring*

*Reset you hand position i case your hand is not in " Relax" position to well fit the nails by cliking the reset bouton*

The Box Also Contain :

- 1 Pair of 5 Fingernails ( right / Left )

- Gloves to wear and to modify to match your skin color to hide the nails on your skin and make a perfect fit between your avatar and the prims fingernails ( Wear it and then edit them )

Nails Available for 3 hand size : 10 - 20 - 30

What is the advantage of this Fingernails :
There's many HUD color released , and many more will come
Wear you fingernails and just switch the huds to set your nails.

The nails are 100% compatible with ALL my hud

I'll release new HUD with new color frequently.
All HUD and nails are made with very low lag script and don't take ressources of the sim . Wear them anywear and don't cause lag !

IM Jamman resident for any information

Marketplace link :[keywords]=fingernail+jamman

Marketplace store

P.S. Original text by the creator Jamman Resident.

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