Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Style 47

The crown group of the superorder Chelonia.
CHELONE an Oread nymph of Arcadia in Greek
mythology, invented to provide an etiological myth for the
tortoise : “Khelônê” means “turtle”in Greek.

in one of Aesop’s Fables, Chelone had been very naughty and disrespectful about the marriage of Zeus and Hera, and as a result she was condemned by Hermes to carry her house on her back forever, as a turtle.

Eden Galaxy, inspired by the mythologial story, has designed this beautiful and original gold-hammered set
for the “Chelonian” Turtles lovers :-)
But no need to wear it on your back.!
Hang it to your neck, wrist, ears and finger
and even as a belly jewel, to make you shine and when you are with friends , tell them the story : il t will make your spirit shine as well :-)
Text By: Crystale Jewell

Sofia is wearing :Jewelry set: The Turtle by Eden Galaxy

Hair:AD- eq dark


Morgane 's-Mimmi Boa pose

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