Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Style -14


'Jungian psychoanalysis interpretes water as being a mirror of the soul, a mixt of swamp waters and devastating floods or torrents, but also, majestic rivers, with uncharted seas and endless.streams, while others consider that water absorbs the man and woman in a whole.
An ocean filled with the possibility of life and from which gushes immortality.'

Eden Galaxy has designed an egg-shaped gem - a symbol in itself - representing one the Four Elements. The Four complete collections information is coming soon .
You will discover this theme as part of the Jewelry Fair which will open from September 16.

Gown:(Kunglers) linda dress romance(NEW)

Hair: :: PM :: Sun in Ebony *Hair Attachment*

Shoes:Slink Lulu Stilettos

Jewelry :Bracelet Elements 1 water

Headband:*CentoPallini* la BELLA [Hair band] Opal

Model/Photography : Sofia Vectoscope

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